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We appreciate you!

06/22/24 - Promotional Ceremony

A promotional ceremony was held to recognize Battalion Chief Josh Pond and Engineer Chris Sanchez. These promotions occurred a while back, but we wanted to ceremoniously recognize them and hold an event for their families, as well.

Congratulations on your promotion!

A ceremony with a person in uniform presenting a folded American flag to others, likely a military or public service event.
Engineer Chris Sanchez
Firefighters in uniform marching with the American flag and another flag indoors.
HFD Honor Guard
Two uniformed individuals and another person standing between American and state flags, likely in a ceremonial or professional setting.
Battalion Chief Josh Pond

03/19/24 - Firefighters Recognized 

Chief Miller recognized Firefighters Aguirre, Hawkins, and McIntyre for successful completion of their GFR 4th Quarter Probationary Firefighter Skills Evaluation and completion of their probationary year with HFD.

Your hard work has paid off. Congratulations!

A smiling person holding a firefighter's helmet, in front of an American flag.
Firefighter Faith Aguirre
A firefighter in gear smiling against an American flag backdrop.
Firefighter Jacob McIntrye
A smiling person in firefighter gear holding a helmet, with an American flag backdrop.
Firefighter Louis Hawkins

02/20/24   - Apparatus Committee

Chief Miller recognized the Apparatus Committee for their efforts in building the Type 6 Engine and developing specifications for the Type 1 and 3 Engine purchases. The committee is led by Engineer Reed; members include Chief C. Pond, Captain Modrell,  Captain Monreal, and  Captain True. A new Type 1 Engine has been ordered, and personnel are excited for its arrival. 

A smiling firefighter holding a helmet, with an American flag in the background.
Engineer Clayton Ahrendt
A smiling person in firefighter gear in front of an American flag. (Note: The image is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.)
Captain Bryan Monreal
A smiling person holding a firefighter helmet, wearing turnout gear, in front of an American flag.
Captain  Casey Modrell
A firefighter in uniform with an American flag backdrop.
Captain Eric True
A firefighter in gear posing in front of an American flag.
Battalion Chief Chris Pond
A firefighter in gear, smiling, with an American flag background. Image is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.
Engineer Eric Reed

01/24/24 - Fire Chief's Performance Review

Tom Hancak, Chair of the Fire Board, was very complimentary in his description of Chief Miller’s performance, especially for his leadership. Chairperson Hanecak believes that Chief Miller supports his staff and the District and encourages everybody to grow and develop. Chairperson Hanecak would like to see this amazing performance continue.

A person in a naval officer's uniform beside an American flag.
 Fire Chief Todd Miller

 Congratulations Chief on a job well done!