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Mission, Vision & Values

A logo with stylized letters "HFD" for Highlands Fire District.

Our Mission

The Highlands Fire District is an emergency service and community oriented organization dedicated to protecting lives and property of its residents and visitors through emergency medical services, fire suppression, fire prevention, and public education.

Our Vision

The Highlands Fire District will be recognized for the highest standards, levels of trust, innovation, and accountability while exceeding community expectations. We will succeed by developing and maintaining strategic partnerships, hiring and promoting quality people, and positioning the District for fiscal sustainability, both now and in the future.

 Our Values

  • PREPAREDNESS:   We value preparedness through education,training, physical and mental readiness, and the health and safety of members. We are committed to personal and team development through education and training. We constantly improve our physical and mental preparedness to better execute our mission.
  • RESPECT:  We value respect–demonstrating sound character, integrity, honesty, and accountability. We exhibit honesty and integrity in all that we do. We hold ourselves and others accountable. We take pride and ownership in the organization and in the service we deliver.
  • INITIATIVE:    We value initiative through leadership, expertise, and personal courage. Good leaders know when to lead, when to follow, and when to be part of the team. We value expertise and leadership of all members of the organization.
  • DUTY:    We value duty obtained through service before self, commitment, and loyalty to teamwork. The needs of our customers and teammates always come before our own.  We are loyal to our customers and the organization.
  • EMPATHY:   We value empathy by performing in a considerate and compassionate manner.  We are compassionate and considerate to our customers and teammates.