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Hirsch Center

Two smiling people wearing aprons; one apron reads "Highlands Fire Dept." White background.

Dedication of the Hirsch Center

We are honored to dedicate our community room to Jan and Steve Hirsch, two remarkable individuals who exemplified the spirit of selflessness and service. As volunteer firefighters, Jan and Steve tirelessly devoted their time, energy, and passion to keeping our community safe. Their unwavering commitment, courage, and compassion touched the lives of countless residents.

Jan and Steve were more than firefighters; they were pillars of our community. Whether battling flames, providing medical aid, or educating others about fire safety, they did so with dedication and love. Their legacy lives on in the positive impact they had on our community.

The Hirsch Center stands as a tribute to their service. It is a space where community members gather, learn, and support one another—a fitting reflection of Jan and Steve’s legacy. We invite you to visit this room, honor their memory, and continue their spirit of service by making a difference in the lives of others.