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Emergency Medical Service

Firefighters at a nighttime roadside emergency with an overturned vehicle and an ambulance present.

Medical Emergency Response

The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Division at Highlands Fire District strives to deliver the highest level of EMS service to our residents and customers. This is accomplished by staffing at least five highly trained medical professionals, comprising of state certified Paramedics and EMT’s on our engines.

We regularly train with our regional partners on topics such as sudden cardiac arrest, multi-casualty incidents, advanced cardiac life support and other medical emergencies to ensure that the highest level of service is delivered with every call. Guardian Medical Transport is the state recognized agency that handles all of the medical transports that occur within our boundaries. We consistently train with their personnel to ensure that our responses and service exceed the expectations of the community and patients that we serve.

Firefighters and paramedics are attending to people during a simulated emergency drill.