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PSPRS Local Board

Organization of the PSPRS Local Board

Highlands Fire District has a five person Local Board, which includes a chairperson, two appointed persons, and two individuals who are contributing members of the Plan that are elected by secret ballot election from all the contributing membership for that group. 

PSPRS Local Board Members

  • Mr. Brad Bippus, Chair - Term expires 11/30/2024
  • Mr. Scott Talboom - Term expires 3/30/2026
  • Ms. Jayme Jones, Secretary - Term expires 3/30/2028
  • Engineer Clayton Ahrendt - Term expires 3/30/2026
  • Engineer Lance Kohl - Term expires 3/30/2028

Local Boards have the responsibility for determining, in accordance with the statutory provisions, eligibility for membership, retirement, disability and survivor benefits; to afford any claimant or the board of trustees a right to a rehearing; to appoint medical boards; and to sue and be sued.  The local board calculates benefits and has the responsibility to ensure that all benefit packets are completed prior to submitting to the PSPRS Administrative Office. The local board shall have no power to add to, subtract from, modify or waive any of the terms of the System.

The Secretary is responsible for handling all administrative functions for the local board including completing and retaining the minutes of each local board meeting.  The Secretary serves as the liaison between the contributing membership, the local board members, and the PSPRS Administrative Office. 

PSPRS Local Board Meetings