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Firewise Assessment

Let us Assess your Property for Wildfire Risk

Fire safety infographic with tips to prevent wildfires around a property, such as clearing vegetation and maintaining clean chimneys.

Firewise assessments are essential tools for evaluating and mitigating wildfire risks in communities. These assessments focus on identifying vulnerabilities and implementing preventive measures to safeguard homes and properties. Firewise assessments involve on-site evaluations by trained professionals. They assess factors such as vegetation density, proximity to flammable materials, and access for emergency vehicles. The assessment identifies specific risks, such as overgrown vegetation near structures, inadequate defensible space, or vulnerable roofing materials. Based on the evaluation, recommendations are provided to homeowners and communities. These may include creating defensible zones, using fire-resistant building materials, and maintaining safe distances between structures and vegetation.

  • If you would like a free firewise assessment performed by one of our fuels professionals.
  • If you  need another firewise inspection due to insurance reasons.
  • If you are unaware of the fire dangers present around your property.

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