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Ethos Statement

I am a Professional Firefighter with Highlands Fire District.

Firefighters operating a hose at night, with water spraying and emergency vehicles visible in the background.


I am prepared for whatever the day may bring because I am mentally and physically fit for duty.

I continually develop myself through training and education while developing those around me through mentorship.  I lean on my past experiences when making decisions and pass those learned lessons onto my peers for their future success.  I will earn my position every day.

I honor those who came before me and their sacrifice to my profession.  I respect those whom I serve with and welcome their opinions, even if they differ from my own. I will be quick to listen and remain approachable to my peers.  My responsibility is to leave this organization better than I found it for those who serve after me.  I empathetically serve the citizens of the District, no matter the degree of their need. 

I live my commitment to duty through selfless service.  The needs of the community and the team come before my own, however, I must take care of myself in order to care for others.  Loyalty to my customers and the organization is reflected through the decisions and actions I take. I am proud to be a member of my community and will continually strive to make it better.

I understand that often the highest service that I can perform is that of empathy.  I am compassionate and considerate to my customers and my teammates.

My character is unwavered as I hold myself to the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and accountability on and off duty. I will not make excuses.  I take ownership, find solutions, and take action through initiative. I value the leadership of others, understanding that the greatest achievements are accomplished through teamwork.  I am willing to complete difficult tasks while holding myself and those around me accountable. My credentials are my fellow Firefighters, my character, and my commitment to duty.  I will make mistakes and I may fail, however I will learn from those lessons.  I will not stop, I will not quit, and I will continually improve myself, my team and my organization.

I stand ready to serve my neighbors, communities and region at all times.