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Burn Notification FAQs

What can I burn for a campfire? 

You can burn logs and use a small amount of pineneedles to get the fire started. A campfire is not intended for disposal of large amounts of pineneedles, lumber, or trash.

What am I allowed and not allowed to burn in a debris burn? 

Debris burns are intended for disposal of natural forest debris found in your yard. You cannot burn trash, chemicals, treated lumber or carpet. For a complete list of allowable and restricted items for a debris burn, please refer to the Debris Burn Rules and Disclaimers document available for download on the Debris Burn Notifications page. 

What is the difference in a debris burn and a campfire? 

A debris burn is intended for the disposal of natural forest debris found in your yard. A campfire is intended to be a recreational fire that is used for relaxation, warming, or cooking purposes. 

When should I think twice about burning based on conditions? 
Any Red Flag Day, fire weather watch, fire weather warning day is a NO Burn day
Any Coconino County fire ban is a NO Burn day.


Additional weather conditions that discourage burning:


Daytime high temperature of 75 degrees or above


Wind sustained at 10-15 mph, gusts at 20 mph or above


Fire Danger Rating High/Very High/Extreme


Why can I not access the Burn Notification Forms? 

The burn notification forms will be disabled when weather conditions are not favorable for burning or fire restrictions are in place. They will be reactivated when conditions improve or restrictions are lifted.